Rosary School Advisory Council

of Catholic Education  |  of St. Francis of Assisi Church

The School Advisory Council, hereafter referred to as the “SAC,” is established by the Pastor in accordance with the Policies of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City. It shall be responsible for the formulation and recommendation of policy to guide the spiritual, educational, social, emotional and physical growth of the school students. SAC members shall offer advice and make recommendations to the Pastor and the School Principal on matters related to the school. Recommendations made shall be in conformity with Church law, related Church documents and Archdiocesan policy. The Pastor has veto power.

SAC Membership

Sarah Smith           
  Micheal Milligan
    Mark Matalik
  Mary Selid
    Allison Marcacci
    Perry Hatch  
    Christy Harris
     Father William Novak