Upon application, prospective students must submit the most recent report card and any standardized test information. A recommendation from a principal/or teacher may be requested. Admission testing may be required of all new students from outside the Archdiocese.

Upon admission, new students must submit:

• Birth Certificate
• Baptismal Certificate
• Immunization records

According to Oklahoma School Law and the Oklahoma State Department of Health, all new students admitted to Rosary School must present a record of immunizations prior to their first day of school. All previous students must have their immunization cards up-to-date. A physician, clinic, or health department official must sign these forms.

Current law requires for Kindergarten

• 5 Immunizations against DPT (diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus) or a combination of DIP and DTaP, vaccines totaling 5 doses (unless the fourth DTP/DTaP was received after the fourth birthday)
• 4 doses of Polio vaccine (unless the third dose was received after the fourth birthday)
• 3 doses Hib (Haemophiius influenza) and 2 MMR (measles/mumps/rubella) for those children who are entering school for the first time, either kindergarten or first grade without attending kindergarten
• 3 doses Hepatitis B, 2 doses Hepatitis A and 1 dose Varicella for every child entering seventh grade. A parental history of a child having varicella (chickenpox) disease is acceptable in lieu of varicella vaccine.