Pre-Kindergarten Classroom


We are dreamers, builders, caretakers, painters, writers, cloud-watchers, huggers, sharers and gigglers!

We are pretenders, truck drivers, Jesus lovers, bug catchers and Band-Aid wearers!

We are creators, snack eaters, story tellers and singers!

In other words, we are the Preschoolers at Rosary School!



Meet the Teacher

Hello! My name is Kristina Morgan and I have been teaching at Rosary for ten years! I taught Kindergarten for eight years and I switched to prek last year. I graduated from OSU in 2008 with a degree in Early Childhood Education. I love teaching more than anything! I have been married to my wonderful husband Dan for three years, and we live in Oklahoma City with our two dogs and three cats! In our spare time we go camping and rock climbing, and I also love to paint, read and listen to music! I’m having a baby girl in September this year and will be taking maternity leave for awhile. While I’m gone Mrs. Sarah Martinez-Bowlby and Mrs. Rosa Byrne will be taking over for me!