Welcome to Fourth Grade!

In 4th grade, we write in cursive, ask questions, read, write, create our own worlds, are kind to one another, build, discover, and learn from our mistakes.

“You are capable of amazing things.”


PE 9:30-10:00

Spanish 2:30-3:00


PE 9:30-10:00

Music 1:15-1:45


Library 10:15-10:45

Art 2:30-3:15


PE 9:30-10:00

Music 1:15-1:45


Spanish 9:30-10:00

Computer 1:30-2:00

In 4th grade, students must acquire 15 service points.

Fourth grader students may join Service Club, which will meet once a month.

It is a great way to gain service points.

Homework is very important!

If homework is turned in 1 day late, it is 15% off.

If homework is later than 1 day, it is a ZERO!