Mission Statement

Our mission at Rosary School is to live as Jesus did, so that we, as a community, may love, learn and serve as His disciples in the world today.

Welcome to Rosary Catholic School founded 1927, Oklahoma City, OK

Rosary School will move to all-school distance learning on Monday, December 14 through December 18, 2020.  Combined in-person and distance learning will begin again after the Christmas holiday, Tuesday, Jan.5, 2021.

The tradition of excellence in education, offered at Rosary School, is part of our Catholic heritage. Parents, the administration, teachers, staff and students, working together, will build a faith-based community. Together we will all strive to meet the challenges of our school in today’s world. Entrust your children to us, support us, and work along side of us, as we enter the 2020-2021 school year with God’s blessing.

Come Visit Us

Located in the historic Gatewood neighborhood, Rosary School has developed a reputation for excellence in Catholic Education since 1927. Come visit our beautiful campus and see why you should enroll your child at one of Oklahoma City’s top primary academic institutions. Give your child the opportunity to receive the scholastic and spiritual teachings that will last a lifetime as a Rosary School Alumni. You can read more about our school and its long history of providing excellent educational opportunities for Oklahoma City on our History page.